Jane Guy Massage
 Fully qualified Remedial Massage Therapist
               in Launceston, Tasmania


Having endured sleepless nights suffering pain in my shoulder, which  from time to time would flare up and incapacitate me, I was encouraged to seek the assistance of Jane Guy. Jane’s professional approach impressed me and I felt assured by her empathy and understanding of the discomfort I was experiencing. I left Jane’s clinic feeling very relaxed and noticed an immediate improvement in my shoulder mobility.
          I slept without pain that night and have seen a marked improvement
          over the following days. I look forward to further sessions which will prove beneficial in remediation of this condition.

          Ian Norton,

          A wonderful discovery for me – Jane is REALLY a divinely intuitive therapist, with a calm happy presence, and the best massage skills
          I have ever experienced. (Spoken  from a person who over the years has received massages in many different cities and from many different traditions.) Sensitively, with such respect for her client, Jane smoothes away all the stress, tension and tightness from the over-busy western lifestyle we seem to follow. I feel my mind, body and emotions releasing a deep sigh of happiness at such beautiful relaxation. What more life-enhancing way to restore the happy healthier you?!

          Toni Keeling,

          I have been receiving one hour massage treatments from Jane regularly to help with my back and neck pain due to sitting in front of a computer each day for work. This has been the best thing I could have done!
          Not only does the treatment relieve my pain but it also relaxes and de-stresses me, enabling me to think more clearly which ultimately enhances the quality if my busy life. Thank you Jane!

          Sally Wilson,

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